Casa Service

We will take care of your real estate potential: with determination and creativity

Permanent cost control, object-specific leasing concepts, execution of rent increases, recording of necessary repairs, rehabilitation and modernisations, as well as corresponding budget planning, regular inspection of conditions and monitoring service providers are the common staples of property management for maintaining and increasing your real estate assets. In addition, each property has potentials, which can only be determined following a comprehensive review of your goals. The result: you strengthen your financial power and the value of your real estate investment.

We want to achieve the best for you: it is our goal to maintain and increase your assets. To us, the path starts with careful analysis of your real estate's potentials, as well as your individual investment goals. Building on this, we will develop with you - under consideration of different economical living scenarios - a "thread" for the optimal management and development of your real estate. An annual review serves the mutual review and fine tuning of the selected strategy.

Special circumstances require special treatment. Casa can offer you real estate consulting, which not only advises you on special questions regarding your real estate investment but also implements the discussed measures.