Casa Service

Property management as an active process

CasaService specialises in professional and goal-oriented management of apartment and commercial buildings. We offer private and institutional real estate investors all the services a traditional property management firm would, and support them with all questions pertaining to the optimal development of their investment.

Furthermore, we will stand by your side as partners in every phase of your real estate investment, as we view property management as part of comprehensive real estate management.

We will take care of your security: with competence and being up-to-date

General legal conditions are constantly changing. Oftentimes negative impacts threaten your profits and the value of your real estate, or even personal liability risks emerge. In addition to legal norms, there are numerous environmental factors that must be taken into account: City planning and development influence the quality of your individual location, wear and tear of the building structure and out-of-date building technology are evaluated with regard to traffic safety and cost effectiveness, and if necessary alternative remodelling concepts must be created and assessed. Sneaky attitude changes among tenants or the neighbourhood require targeted exertion of influence, prerequisites for public subsidies or special service offers must be created, deadlines and time limits must be observed …

The Casa-Team consists of managerially and technically qualified experts and experienced practitioners in the real estate industry. Our constant exchange with partners from various specialised disciplines, routine continuing education and active memberships in various professional associations guarantees a maximum of timeliness and professional expertise.

In addition to well-founded expertise we, along with our employees, place special emphasis on competent communication with our customers as well as with our customer's customers, the tenants. We are dedicated to a partnerlike atmosphere, allowing all parties to be confident they will be treated with appreciation and will be supported in their legitimate concerns.

Furthermore, we have distinct consulting competences and comprehensive economic, as well as technical expert knowledge. We are able to understand complex economic and legal environmental conditions for real estate investors and to adapt our Services accordingly.

We'll take care of your vacancies: with professionalism and dedication

Insufficient information for your tax return or your annual accounts, poor reporting system, incomplete documentation, incomplete or unstructured decision memos, slow execution of discussed measures, missing concepts for handling problem tenants, no quick access to experts for preliminary estimates and structuring of complex rehabilitations... these all cost you time, energy and money.

We know that you as a property owner bear the risks of a complex, capital intensive investment, which is associated with multifaceted obligations. It is key to the success of your investment the routine supervision of your real estate is performed professionally, and that you are provided with all necessary information to make your decisions. Your job is to determine the direction – we'll take care of the details.

We will assume the routine management of your real estate based on your goals. In addition to the traditional tasks of property management, we offer you a spectrum of services which will also enable you to optimise your personal time and expenses.

In addition to routine reporting, our ad-hoc reports will provide you with key information and analyses pertaining to important developments with your real estate and the general economic conditions relevant to you. You can therefore always rest assured your real estate investment is developing in the desired direction.

We will take care of your real estate potential: with determination and creativity

Permanent cost control, object-specific leasing concepts, execution of rent increases, recording of necessary repairs, rehabilitation and modernisations, as well as corresponding budget planning, regular inspection of conditions and monitoring service providers are the common staples of property management for maintaining and increasing your real estate assets. In addition, each property has potentials, which can only be determined following a comprehensive review of your goals. The result: you strengthen your financial power and the value of your real estate investment.

We want to achieve the best for you: it is our goal to maintain and increase your assets. To us, the path starts with careful analysis of your real estate's potentials, as well as your individual investment goals. Building on this, we will develop with you - under consideration of different economical living scenarios - a "thread" for the optimal management and development of your real estate. An annual review serves the mutual review and fine tuning of the selected strategy.

Special circumstances require special treatment. Casa can offer you real estate consulting, which not only advises you on special questions regarding your real estate investment, but also implements the discussed measures.