Casa Service

We will take care of the details

Our customers are real estate investors who are decision makers responsible for a complex and highly support-dependent "product".

Our standard: Professionally executing daily business for our customers and actively supporting them in all aspects of controlling their investment.

Our promise: We'll take care of the details.

Real estate is

It is our goal to optimally coordinate the complex requirements of all parties with the real estate and to ensure through adequate provision of service, the greatest possible value can develop.
We refer to the conduct and honour code of the BFW (Bundesfachverband Wohnungs- und Immobilienverwalter e.V.- Federal Professional Association for Housing and Real Estate Administrators, registered association) as a guideline for our actions. Furthermore, we are especially dedicated to first-class customer service, cost, result, and process transparency and partnerlike interaction, through which all parties involved can count on being treated appreciatively and on support with their legitimate concerns.