Casa Service

We will take care of your security: through competence and being up-to-date

General legal conditions are constantly changing. Oftentimes negative impacts threaten your profits and the value of your real estate, or even personal liability risks emerge. In addition to legal norms, there are numerous environmental factors that must be taken into account: City planning and development influence the quality of your individual location, wear and tear of the building structure and out-of-date building technology are evaluated with regard to traffic safety and cost effectiveness, and if necessary alternative remodelling concepts must be created and assessed. Sneaky attitude changes among tenants or the neighbourhood require targeted exertion of influence, prerequisites for public subsidies or special service offers must be created, deadlines and time limits must be observed …

The Casa-Team consists of business and technically qualified experts and experienced practitioners of the real estate industry. Our constant exchange with partners from various specialised disciplines, routine continuing education and active memberships in various professional associations guarantees a maximum of timeliness and professional expertise.

In addition to well-founded expertise we, along with our employees, place special emphasis on competent communication with our customers as well as with our customer's customers, the tenants. We are dedicated to a partnerlike atmosphere, allowing all parties to be confident they will be treated with appreciation and will be supported in their legitimate concerns.

Furthermore, we have distinct consulting competences and comprehensive economic, as well as technical expert knowledge. We are able to understand complex economic and legal environmental conditions for real estate investors and to adapt our Services accordingly.