Casa Service

Making the change of management successful

1.) If you are considering changing management to CasaService we would like to invite you to make an appointment with us. This appointment serves becoming personally acquainted and taking inventory of important aspects of your real estate investment. A selection of topics we would like to discuss with you during this meeting, can be found here. In an ideal situation, your calendar for the day will allow a for a building walkthrough with us, during which you can clearly share your property specific requests with us.

2.) As soon as you have decided on having your property managed by CASA, i.e. before the actual transfer of management, we will inspect the most important existing service contracts in detail. Our experience shows significant optimisation potentials generally exist here. Timeframes must be considered for the renegotiation or termination of contracts, which may require early action in individual cases.

3.) At the time we are authorised by you as the new management, we will completely handle obtaining all documents from the previous management. After reviewing and evaluating the transferred documents, you will receive a status report from us, along with a list of measures containing our recommendations for the further development of your real estate. Based on this analysis, we will develop the guidelines for the management of your real estate with you.