Casa Service

Property management as part of comprehensive real estate management

The Casa-Management Team consists of academically qualified experts with many years of experience in the real estate industry. The company mission is the mutual conviction the future of successful property management is determined by the ability to establish oneself as a key partner of a comprehensive real estate management. Thus all of the employees in the company are connected by the willingness to professionally execute daily business for the customer and to provide him with competent assistance regarding all decisions pertaining to the real estate investment.

Steffen Oberst

Class of 1964, Diplom-Kaufmann [Graduate of Business Administration]
President of CasaService and founding partner
Head of commercial real estate management

Reinhard Geister

Class of 1960, Bauingenieur (FH) [Civil Engineer, university of applied sciences] , Diplom-Volkswirt [certified economist]
CasaService proxy and founding partner
Head of mechanical real estate management

Dr. Christian Grüne

Class of 1965, promovierter ├ľkonom [PhD in economics]
CasaService proxy and founding partner
Head of strategic real estate management