Casa Service

Reporting system – The navigation system for your real estate exposure

CasaService fulfils your requirements for professional and comprehensive reporting.

Data oriented reporting

Aside from the annual settlement and planning, our reporting system provides you with the necessary transparency in regard to the development of revenue, expenses, arrears of rent, savings, as well as the leasing quota.

Process oriented reporting

We will keep you updated about important developments with your real estate and environmental conditions relevant to you, as well as significant progresses or obstacles with current sub-projects such as construction measures, leasing or litigations, using ad-hoc reporting. You will receive informal reports from us without request, preferably via e-mail, which will inform you of the project status and our recommendations for action, enabling you to take corrective action at any time. In addition, we offer one annual joint strategy review to review and fine tune superordinate action guidelines.

In both types of management, we offer you:

Rental administration

Owners association administration