Casa Service

We'll take care of your vacancies: with professionalism and dedication

Insufficient information for your tax return or your annual accounts, poor reporting system, incomplete documentation, incomplete or unstructured decision memos, slow execution of discussed measures, missing concepts for handling problem tenants, no quick access to experts for preliminary estimates and structuring of complex rehabilitations... these all cost you time, energy and money.

We know that you as a property owner bear the risks of a complex, capital intensive investment, which is associated with multifaceted obligations. For the success of your investment it is vital for the routine supervision of your real estate to be performed professionally and that you receive all necessary information to make your decisions. Your job is to determine the direction – we'll take care of the details.

We will assume the routine administration of your real estate for you based on your goals. In addition to the traditional tasks of property management, we offer you a spectrum of services, which will also enable you to optimise your personal time and expenses.

In addition to routine reporting, we also provide you with ad-hoc reports of vital information and analyses regarding important developments with your real estate and the general economic conditions relevant to you. You can therefore always rest assured your real estate investment is developing in the desired direction.