Casa Service

Company founders

The company founders of Casa are real estate specialists from the areas of economics, finance, communication and civil engineering. They are also the Casa Management Team.

Company structure and company information

The CasaService Berlin GmbH and the CasaKonzept GmbH were established in 2004 and 2005. The companies are legally unaffiliated, but share the same company board.
CasaService's focus is on property management. CasaKonzept offers a complementary synergetic beneficial real estate, supervision and consultation services. By September of 2007, administration mandates for an effective area of approx. 20,000 square metres were attained.


We offer our customers comprehensive security and assume liability for bodily harm up to 2 m. Euros, for property damage up to 1 m. Euros, and for financial losses up to 0.1 m. Euros per damage claim.